I love reusing disposable items!

I have been saving white plastic ProActiV bottles for years with the idea of one day turning them into a beautiful work of art.
This mission is completed; see the “Dis Possible” series.

I started working for ‘Pakje Kunst’. Each little bottle had to become an independent object. Disposable plastic had to become plastic worth saving again!

The curl that arose while I was cutting a ProActiV bottle reminded me of a wave, of the sea. ‘Plastic Soup Foundation’ and ‘Basta Con La Plastica’ inspired me!

I took the books about fish that I had bought in the thrift store, string bags that had contained onions and garlic, bottle caps, plastic candy wrappers, etc. Enough ingredients for ‘Fish Soup’ and ‘A fish called BASTA!’

A ‘Pack of Art’ is the translation of a ‘Pakje Kunst’. It has the size of a pack of cigarettes and can be pulled from an old mechanical cigarette machine. (Art vending machine)


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